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       We breath approximately 20,000 times per day and fill our lungs with an average 13 m? of air. Research has shown that there is approximately 250-300 mg. of fine dust particles in every 1 m? of air in our homes. In other words, we breathe approximately 4 grams of pure dust into our lungs every day without noticing it
       In today's world, indoor air pollution is two to five times higher than air pollution of the outdoor variety. Several investigations indicate that our poor indoor climate may be the cause of the many cases of respiratory diseases found today. Sensitive populations such as children and the elderly are suffering from environmental diseases caused by indoor air pollutants such as fine particles and allergen.
       Roboclean cleans 99,99% of all allergens and microbes.
       World Health Organization estimates that indoor air pollution is responsible for 2.8 million deaths a year!
To find out how to get fresh and clean air without having to open your windows and wasting electricity for heating:
The main bit allergenic factor in air is dust mites. It consists of fungal spores, mold proteins, pollen, bodies and droppings of cockroaches, animal secretions, animal hair and dander from humans and pets and others. The biggest causes of allergies among them are home-dust mites and especially their droppings.
Dust mites and allergens are a factor of  unfavorable environment for you and your family.
Roboclean can help reduce these harmful particles and to neutralize the allergy symptoms.
The most unique quality that differs  Roboclean than conventional vacuum cleaners dust bag is that Roboclean allows you to clean the air in your home with a simple tap water!

No expensive bags and filters! Roboclean only separator and water that allow you to breathe clean air in your home!

Roboclean is synonymous with  healthy indoor environment and protect yourself and your family from diseases of the respiratory system.

Clean air is HEALTH!
Air purification:
The vacuum cleaner - friend or foe
The vacuum cleaner is the primary mean to combat dirt and dust, but also it is  the main breeding ground for domestic flora and fauna. From its  engine's  heat and darkness gathered in the bag: mites, mold and bacteria multiply at a furious pace, and during the  next "cleaning" along with the outgoing air,  they  spray their generation all over our home house. So there is hardly a man who does not find the  smell produced when cleaning with the  typical vacuum cleaner is not offensive, also it is a danger signal for our immune system. Is there any logic - saturating the air in your home with all sorts of allergens and then to breath it!!!

Still, we need a cleaning system  to keep clean and to keep the population of mites under control. The only way we can do this is choosing Roboclean!