The reddot Design Award is an international award for design, awarded by the Design Zentrum Nordrehein Westfalen in Essen (Germany).
Since 1954, designers and manufacturers can apply for this honorable award.
The winning products are presented in the reddot design museum on the site of the historic mine complex in Essen.

We are proud of the fact that Roboclean is not only functional, but also just BEAUTIFUL.
The reddot award was granted on 1 July 2013. in Essen, Germany still at the design stage.
"Aura Bulgaria" Ltd. - exclusive distributor of ROBOCLEAN for Bulgaria.

Your loved ones will feel safe knowing they are using a machine that will benefit their quality of life and well-being. ZP MED (The Center of Preventative Medicine) evaluated the effects of using the Roboclean cleaning system and found that it significantly decreases airborne allergy-causing particles in your home. As a result, it is a suitable product for improving one's overall health while its usage has been proven to protect linings of the respiratory system.
Independent laboratory testing has proven that our product operates at a near-zero dust emission level. The leading international expert in providing qualification, TUV SUD in Germany, officially certified Roboclean's dust capturing efficiency at 99.99%. With nearly a maximum score card issued from one of the most renown institutes in the world, it is obvious that Roboclean does not compare to other cleaning systems.
Roboclean has been tested by a trusted, independent certification company, KEMA KEUR, to be compliant with global standards. After thorough evaluation, Roboclean was rated as an internationally compatible, electrical appliance and safe for consumer use.