"Aura Bulgaria" Ltd. - exclusive distributor of ROBOCLEAN for Bulgaria.

  • Balancing the air humidity.
  • Inhalations.
  • For perfuming the air. No more unpleasant odors. Extremely effective in capturing heavy odors from the kitchen, tobacco and others.
  • Suction of spilled liquids.
  • Quick and efficient cleaning of mattresses. By removing the dust, mites and their fekaliy you will improve your sleep and reduce the risk of allergens.
roboclean is a universal cleaning system for your home and office.
Make sure your home is clean and tidy - use aura roboclean cleaning system.
We recommend roboclean especially to families with children, pets, allergies, asthma and people who like clean and healthy environment!
  • Deep cleaning of all carpets. The carpets are the main outbreak of dust, germs, bacteria and so on. Why pay for expensive cleaning services? Use Electro Nozzle and its powerful vibrations to achieve amazing results.
  • For vacuuming. Save valuable space in your wardrobe, vacuum unnecessary for the season clothes.
  • Air purification. Cleanliness of indoor air rises quality of life and has a positive impact you and your family.
  • For efficient collection of household dust. Breathe easier, 100% pure, devoid of dust, germs, fungi air.
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