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       Did you know that the dust in our homes is the cause for a number of illnesses including allergies and asthma?
       House dust carries microbes that are not seen with the naked eye, bacteria and dust mites, all of which pose serious hazards to our health if they are not eliminated. Living entities called mites feed off our discarded skin cells and live with us in the beds on which we sleep. Mite faeces are regarded as the most dangerous causes of allergic diseases.                
Only with Roboclean will you be able to clean the air in your home and beds and get rid of the little monsters which you share your bed with!
       With Roboclean's dust eliminating effect, you and your loved ones can expect healthier days ahead.
If you wonder how, click onto THIS LINK and find out all about the harmful impact that house dust, mites and their related allergies can have on your overall health and wellness.
       A healthy indoor environment is crucial for our well-being and health.
Actually, the weight of the air we inhale indoors is greater than the total weight of all the food and drink we consume in our lifetime and is not in any way less important than the food we take in. Continuous industrialization changed lifestyles to the point where modern people stay indoors for 20 hours a day. However, the level of awareness on indoor air pollution is still alarmingly low.

  • oil soot; paint chips;
  • plant parts, pollen;
  • polymer foam particles;
  • salt and sugar crystals;
  • skin scales;
  • spores, fungal;
  • stone particles; 
  • wood shavings
  • ash, incinerator;
  • combustion products;
  • fibre (wool, cotton, paper and silk), synthetic, textile;
  • fingernail filings;
  • food crumbs;
  • glass particles;
  • glue; graphite;
  • hair, human and animal;
  • insect fragments;
Airborne allergens
       According to the World Health Organization (WHO), where the presence of mites over 100 pcs. / G home dust, the risk of sensitization and at levels above 500 pcs. / g. House dust - possible occurrence of an attack of bronchial asthma in patients allergic to mites.

       House dust also contains bacteria such as staphylococci, molds and other fungi.
       Allergy to dust mites occurs year-round, although the summer season is noticeable improvement of the condition for minimum concentration of allergens in the air.
       Treatment of household allergies is related to the cessation of allergen exposure in the case of dust mites and it is maintained by high hygiene.