The "Dining Water" sold in the store network is actually water purified by reverse osmosis. "Aura Cebilon" saves you money and effort from bringing it home.
Filter just as much as you use - no water retention or microorganism development.
Thanks to the double-layer reverse osmosis membrane, Aura Cebilon supplies your household with 285l / day of pure drinking water.
"Aura Cebilon" effectively purifies water even at low pressure - over 0.2 Bar.
"Aura Cebilon" has a digital display that informs you of:
- Instant water consumption in liters.
- The total volume of purified / consumed water in gallons.
- Remaining volume of water (life) of each of the five filters in gallons.
- A light and sound indicator showing the operating status of the system for easier maintenance.
Digital and mechanical leakage protection in the system.
Input and output of the same side for easier installation and maintenance.
Quick connections to allow easy installation and maintenance.
"Aura Bulgaria" Ltd. - exclusive distributor of the AURA products for Bulgaria.

Check the premium quality of Cebilon and grant your family unspoilt spring of fresh water!