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       We breath approximately 20,000 times per day and fill our lungs with an average 13 m? of air. Research has shown that there is approximately 250-300 mg. of fine dust particles in every 1 m? of air in our homes. In other words, we breathe approximately 4 grams of pure dust into our lungs every day without noticing it
       A healthy indoor environment is crucial for our well-being and health.
Actually, the weight of the air we inhale indoors is greater than the total weight of all the food and drink we consume in our lifetime and is not in any way less important than the food we take in. Continuous industrialization changed lifestyles to the point where modern people stay indoors for 20 hours a day. However, the level of awareness on indoor air pollution is still alarmingly low.
Clean Air is Health!
       In today's world, indoor air pollution is two to five times higher than air pollution of the outdoor variety. Several investigations indicate that our poor indoor climate may be the cause of the many cases of respiratory diseases found today. Sensitive populations such as children and the elderly are suffering from environmental diseases caused by indoor air pollutants such as fine particles and allergen.
Dust mites and allergens are a factor of  unfavorable environment for you and your family.
       Roboclean cleans 99,99% of all allergens and microbes and neutralizes the allergy and astma symptoms.        
       Roboclean uses tap water only.
       Roboclean is synonym  to healthy indoor environment and protects you from any respiratory disease.

       With Roboclean's dust eliminating effect, you and your loved ones can expect healthier days ahead.
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