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A new study found that 90% of bottled water was contaminated with microscopic plastic particles. This raises the concern if water purchased from stores is potentially damaging to health.
̀ore than 250 bottles of water from 11 different brands worldwide were examined. Scientists have found that "almost all bottles are polluted to some extent." Researchers at the State University of New York in Fredonia have analyzed bottled water for the journalistic project Orb Media. Scientists write that they have found "nearly twice as many plastic particles in bottled water" compared to their previous study of tap water.
According to the study, the most common type of plastic fragment is polypropylene, the type of plastic that is used to produce bottle caps.
Experts warn that the risk to human health associated with plastic particles is significant, such as "There are established links with the increased the risk of some cancers, reducing sperm counts, conditions such as hyperactivity and autism," says the study's lead author Andrew Mace. "We know the risks are related to these synthetic chemicals in the environment and we know that plastics provide a way for these chemicals to enter our body."
Risks for babies and children - brain development and motor function are impaired, training capacity decreases, early puberty occurs. For men - balding or breast cancer for women!
According to German scientists, some of these chemicals act as powerful drugs in our body. They can block several vital processes at once, influence the development of the organism and its reproductive functions, causing damage to the thyroid gland, and even provoke the development of cancer.
Some of the plasticizers and chemicals that are found in the bottles, although in small quantities, are released into the liquid and therefore fall into the body, damaging it.
3.5 million people die each year of water-related reasons! 1 out of 9 people have no access to a source of purified water! Only 1% of the world's water is drinkable!
Can you imagine life without water?
Water is the most important resource in the world!
Do you think buying mineral water in a plastic bottle is a healthy alternative to tap water ?! Do you think buying a "special" water or boiling tap water for your baby is safe or even healthy?!
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