5-micron sediment filter - holds the impurities and hard particles of the water (sludge, rust, sand).

Carbon filter - retains chlorine, organic compounds and unpleasant odors.

1-micron sediment filter - Fine filtration of residual particles and impurities.
Double-layer reverse osmosis membrane - passes only clean water without bacteria, viruses, impurities and dissolved chemical compounds.

Mineral Carbon Filter - enriches the water with minerals and regulates its acidity (pH).
Always consume fresh and healthy "spring water"! Aura Cebilon is a system that provides drinking water with the right value of minerals and a unique taste thanks to its 5-steps filtration:
"Aura Bulgaria" Ltd. - exclusive distributor of the AURA products for Bulgaria.

Unique reverse osmosys system

Check the premium quality of Cebilon and grant your family unspoilt spring of fresh water!